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Neera: Dark Secrets is a fast-paced Fantasy Action/RPG with beautiful pixel art style graphics.


Combat system contains four weapons and four attacks(normal, special, power and power special) for each weapon. There are two modes, Normal and Deadly.


Neera is an investigator in a magical world full of mysteries. She has Hydromancy powers, she can create water weapons and bend the water. Neera came to the Azedac Kingdom while investigating the Kingdoms of Peace as a training mission, but she found something very dark, the Dark Secrets.

Your role is to solve the problems of the Azedac Kingdom and defeat the enemies and bosses for the peace using your magic and skills.


F4 or Alt+Enter to get into fullscreen.

Control type: WASD + Mouse:

  • WASD keys to Move.
  • E key to Dash and/or Accept/Interact.
  • Q key to open Inventory.
  • Mouse Left click to do Attack.
  • Mouse Right click to do Special Attack.
  • Mouse Left & Right to enter Power state.
  • Mouse Scroll to change weapon. Alternatively, Key 2 or Key 3.
  • Space key to Jump/Interact/Accept.
  • Esc key to Quit.

Control type: Arrow Keys:

  • Arrow keys to Move.
  • Space key to Dash and/or Accept/Interact..
  • Enter key to open Inventory.
  • X key to do Attack.
  • C key to do Special Attack.
  • X & C keys to enter Power state.
  • A key and S key to change weapon.
  • Z key to Jump/Interact/Accept.
  • Esc key to Quit.


Copyright © 2017 Matin Studios.

This game is completely free, but donation is appreciated to help me for my future projects. Thanks! :)


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I gave it a go. I'm gonna start off by saying I can tell you put a lot of work into this with the story, desings, and everything so I'm gonna try to refraim from being overtly critical, but I think it needs a bit more work, especially dialouge and story and maybe either lowering the creatures, changing how fast they can attack if they're just touching you, and maybe either making them a bit weaker or weapons a bit stronger. The monsters attacks feel ok when not simply just touching you, but it feels unbalanced with how much health they have and I felt like I was getting over run a lot because they just took so long to kill.

I really liked everything at the beginning, but as the story progressed, the dialogue and just simply the story began to feel empty like it was just rushing without really any emotion.

Also I think the dungeons were way too repetitive. Besides a great place to get potions, they were pretty boring and frustrating after making your way through the first one, and I get that the challenge is increasing with stronger beasts and more of them, but it's a very tiring and monotonous challenge that probably shouldn't be done more than twice. Maybe make one a puzzle, just to change things up for the player so that it doesn't get boring.

While I'm just kinda nitpicking, the epilogue with the stag felt like it came out of nowhere. Maybe make an epilogue before that to explain how everyone lived their lives after the story is over, then hit with the scene. It'll feel way less out of nowhere that way. I hope my criticizisms didn't come off as offensive in anyway and that you maybe take them to heart so that you can improve the game and make it a more enjoyable experience.

I made a video of my run through, it's pretty long cause I really just didn't expect this game to be so long. I hope you enjoy it and don't take the negative attitude I had near the end too seriously. 

Hey Cyberwolf,

Thank you very much for playing. I'm going to keep those things in mind. Anyways, this project was supposed to be a practice project and yeah, I think I rushed it. Btw, the post-credit scene is telling about the sequel. This story ends here.

Thank you! :)